best street art in lisbon

Where To Find The Best Street Art In Lisbon

Lisbon is renowned for the amazing street art to be found at every corner of the city. Anyone that has ever visited Lisbon knows that the city is spread in two
parts, and old classical one and a modern one.

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Eton Diamond Shirt

Could shirts be a work of art?

For many people, clothing is more than just an interest; it’s a life style. Great looking clothes in vibrant colors and sharp fitting is not only a pleasure for the one wearing it, it could also be a joy to lay your eyes upon. Therefore, its debatable if clothing could be a work of art?

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Noé Two

Tune into the Work of Noé Two

Prominent artist Noé Two was born in the city of Paris in back in 1974 and today is one of the world’s most famous French graffiti artists. Noé Two is also widely attributed with being among most accomplished artists to come from his generation. When he was growing up, Noé Two became very interested in the modern graffiti style of art that emerged through the hip-hop genre and he used the streets of Paris as his large canvas.

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Fractal flame

The Types of Fractal Art

Although fractal art was originally created around three decades ago, in the last few years with the rise in the quality and availability of information technology it has been becoming more and more prominent. A large number of computer programs have been created to help artists make fractal art and there are even several easy to follow tutorials available for people who are interested in using this art form. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of fractal images that are available to choose from.

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Carlos Ginzburg

The Best Known Fractal Artists

Fractal art has been rapidly growing in popularity ever since it was developed in the in the 1980’s. One of the great things about fractal art is that it is created using a computer and even people who do not have strong drawing and painting skills are able to use special graphics programs to create vibrant and unique works of fractal art. Here is an overview of some of the most celebrated fractal artists and what makes them so special.

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Ammonite Sutures

Fractal Patterns in Nature

As many people know, fractal art is created on a computer using special types of fractal imaging programs. This allows artists who are more familiar with computer algorithms than drawing and painting to create stunning works of art that speak to a whole new generation of art lovers. However, many people are unaware that fractal art is actually inspired by natural and can be seen in a large number of natural formations. Here are some of the most striking fractal patterns that can be found in nature.

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Fractal art

More Information About Fractal Art

Fractal art is a special type of algorithmic art that is created by calculating different fractal objects and the representing the resulting calculation results as animations, still images and media. This is one of the most contemporary forms of art and many people around the world have become instantly enchanted by fractal art and become driven to create their own works of art as a result. Read on to learn more about fractal art and what makes it so special.

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LiveSketch HD

The Best Art Apps for the iPad

Art has come a long way in the last decade and has now been expanded to include art that can be created on a computer or even a Smartphone. This gives artists the freedom to create works of art while on the go and a number of special apps have been created for the iPad to help artists to express themselves. Here is a selection of iPad apps that artists should check out.

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Binho Ribeiro

An Introduction to Binho Ribeiro

The popular Brazilian artist Binho Ribeiro was born Fabio Ribeiro and started painting in 1984 and is now credited as being a pioneer of graffiti art in both Brazil and South America. When Binho Ribeiro was just twelve years old he decided to start using the painting and drawing skills that he learned in school in order to express himself through graffiti art. He met a number of other local graffiti artists such as Os Gemeos and Speto quickly started to develop his own style.

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Pablo Picasso Museum

Take a Picasso Museum Tour of Barcelona

Art lovers who take a trip to the city of Barcelona will want to make sure that they allow plenty of time to explore the Picasso Museum Tour Barcelona. A number of local tour guides offer and exciting and professionally run walking tour that takes visitors through Barcelona to some of the city’s most famous attractions before ending at the world famous Picasso Museum. Visitors are literally given the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso himself, as the oldest section of Barcelona has remained mostly untouched.

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