What’s art and what’s just stuff?

This seems to be the everlasting question in the art world. How do we deicide what’s good and what’s not? What is high art, street art and what’s just plain rubbish? Looking at what’s already done plants, cutlery, machines, broken glass, books and traffic cones can all be art. Put in the right context, in the right venue, in front of the right people we can be convinced that almost anything is worth our time, admiration and money.

Simultaneously an object can be beautiful or interesting without being art. Schuchart maskin is a Swedish machine company that for over one hundred years have provided machines and tools for the Scandinavian industrial business. The products they produce are obviously first and foremost supposed to be functional, sturdy, and safe. They are however, in many cases, also beautiful. With intricate and obviously very well thought out design, they are like little sculptures. Modern art often features robots or similar electronic gadgets that appear to have a practical purpose, with flashing lights or moving parts, so why can’t it be the other way around?

Now, I understand that this is a somewhat odd approach to take and I’m sure many would say with outmost certainty that machinery, bolts and screws are not art. However, our view of what is to be considered expectable and awe worthy decorations have and will continue to change. From wall paintings and frescoes, to 3D-printed sculptures and holograms our idea of what art should and can be have made quite a journey. The materials and inspirations that will be used to decorate the world around us is bound to continue to change and evolve, probably faster and more dramatically than ever before. I for one, is really excited to see what the future holds. Let the creativity flow!