Unconventional Art – What and Where

What most likely first comes to mind when you mention art is a drawing, sculpture or some other famous piece of art. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrant are just three examples of masters that create art. They are rightly so celebrated for their genius but art is so much more than that.

We can find art almost everywhere, quite literally. Whenever we humans create something, from a painting to a building or even this blog post. It can become an expression of creativity. This creativity can have both intended and unintended consequences. It it common nowadays within architecture to consider not only the practical use of the buildings but also the impact your design choices have on the overall atmosphere of the building.

One simple example would be how if you are designing buildings for an amusement park you would not design it in the same fashion as a hospital. A hospital requires high efficiency and they are therefore quite dull. That is acceptable however as that is their high efficiency is an important feature which highly outweighs the benefits of a better atmosphere.

Art can be the cure

Art may be the cure in cases where high efficiency is required but you still want a nice atmosphere. Maybe not literally in the case of hospital but art can be used to make patients within the healthcare industri feel better. People hate it when hospitals feel sterile, it is off-putting for many. It is therefore important for not only hospital themselves to keep this in mind but also companies that produce medical equipment. You should of course not sacrifice the practical application but do not limit your creativity needlessly. One example of this is Wing Plast, they focus on manufacturing highly efficient and practical medical instruments. At the same time however they don’t limit their creative imagination on how to make their instruments look good at the same time.

It is small details like that which, when amassed, create a better atmosphere. Consider where in your daily life you can apply your imagination and creativity to create some art that betters your daily life.