The Best Known Fractal Artists

Fractal art has been rapidly growing in popularity ever since it was developed in the in the 1980’s. One of the great things about fractal art is that it is created using a computer and even people who do not have strong drawing and painting skills are able to use special graphics programs to create vibrant and unique works of fractal art. Here is an overview of some of the most celebrated fractal artists and what makes them so special.

  • Alice Kelly – This prominent fractal artist has created a large collection of colorful and stirring fractal art that takes a wide range of different forms including 3D fractal art.
  • William Latham – This is one of the earliest established fractal artists and he is known for his diverse fractal geometry combined with other types of computer techniques.
  • Greg Sams – One of the things that make Greg Sams such as successful fractal artist is the fact that he has used his business sense to market a wide range of items from postcards to t-shirts.
  • Vicky Brago-Mitchell – This American artist has helped to make fractal art more widely accepted by created special magazine covers featuring fractal art.
  • Carlos Ginzburg – This prominent artist has long been working with fractal art and even created a special form of fractal art known as homo fractalus that builds on the concept that the ultimate fractal is actually human.Carlos Ginzburg
  • Scott Draves – Anyone who has ever used flame fractals can thank Scott Draves for their creation and his has helped to inspire many people around the world to start creating fractal art.
  • Merrin Parkers – This New Zealand artist specializes in fractal art and his works can be seen displayed in a large number of prominent art galleries.
  • Kerry Mitchell – This artist literally wrote the book on fractal art called Fractal Art Manifesto and helped to popularize this art form.