More Information About Fractal Art

Fractal art is a special type of algorithmic art that is created by calculating different fractal objects and the representing the resulting calculation results as animations, still images and media. This is one of the most contemporary forms of art and many people around the world have become instantly enchanted by fractal art and become driven to create their own works of art as a result. Read on to learn more about fractal art and what makes it so special.

Fractal art emerged back in the 1980s with the growing popularity and accessibility of computers. This is a special genre of computer generated art and digital art that also falls under the heading of new media art. The Mandelbrot set and the Julia set are among the best known and most iconic forms of fractal art and this is one of the forms of modern art that is constantly evolving and changing along with the enhanced developments of information technology.

One of the things that sets fractal art apart from most forms of art is the fact that it is not painted or drawn by hand. In fact, fractal art is usually created on a computer with the use of special fractal generated software. There are three main Fractal artphases that are followed in order to create fractal art. The first involves setting the parameters of the appropriate fractal software. The artist then executes the special possibility length calculation and then evaluates the finished product.

Various different types of graphics programs can also be used to modify the images that are produced in the fractal art is a method that is known as post-processing. This makes it possible to integrate non-fractal images into the artwork to create something that is unique and personal to the artist. These days a large number of prominent artists from around the world are also exploring the possibilities of using fractal art and the possibilities are very exciting.

Take a look at this beautiful fractal art picture called “Depth of DNA”. The picture below is actually to be used as a wall mural.

DNA Wall Mural from Mr Perswall

DNA Wall Mural from Mr Perswall