Tune into the Work of Noé Two

Prominent artist Noé Two was born in the city of Paris in back in 1974 and today is one of the world’s most famous French graffiti artists. Noé Two is also widely attributed with being among most accomplished artists to come from his generation. When he was growing up, Noé Two became very interested in the modern graffiti style of art that emerged through the hip-hop genre and he used the streets of Paris as his large canvas.

Noé Two uses his artwork to represent his thoughts and opinions about different aspects of the modern world. These creations serve as a mirror to both the artist himself and his special inner world as well as to society. Noé Two’s creations are often very captivating and use bright and bold colors.

Noé Two is perhNoé Twoaps best known for the colorful art style that he uses to convincingly capture different subjects and instill them with an element of the surreal. Combining graffiti art and canvas wall paintings, the artwork of Noé Two follows a number of select themes including nature, celebrities, and animals. Color plays a very important role in most of his artworks and the use of contrasting and often even clashing colors is used to provide a bold and striking image that creates a permanent impression.

Noé Two’s graffiti artwork can be found on the sides of prominent buildings, bridges and just about any other type of available outdoor space in many different countries around the world. Noé Two’s apparent love for life and culture has taken him all over the world. Many of his most arresting and pieces have been inspired by other cultures. The bold colors of these pieces make them ideal souvenirs and gifts and many of the artists best-known images have been used to decorate commercial items such as bags, mugs, and even cigarette lighters.